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As a first for a water color, this isn't half bad. ^^ The Kirby's eyes in the middle of the stacked ones are a little lopsided; not sur...

Citizen Kane Painting [5/5] by Blu3Danny

This gives me vibes of the lonely kind; what with the sled being what I assume abandoned in the blizzard, hence the reason why the Impa...

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Connie Smith
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United States
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There is no justice, there is only me.

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Got my license after the 4th try~!

And it was also the first day of my period...that hurt like hell at work today...

Rejoice~! :party:
Together by PumpkinQueen13
Another Drakus and Calina drawing~

This is more or less a redraw from either Hold on to the Light or Couple #1 - Drakus and Calina.  Can't really decide though since this is a vast improvement from those 2 drawings, hence the reason for it being a totally separate drawing altogether.


Calina is meant to look older here, I'd say mid-twenties to barely turned thirty.

I'm sure that I've mentioned this in another drawing of her, but it should be mentioned that Calina's long straight hair is made to represent her royal status and would never have it cut short; the only exception for her would be if her hair actually touches the ground, but even then does she not want her hair to be shortened, only trimmed.

Also Drakus here (Dorkus in Planet Sheen) had different clothes that he had worn for a time before adorning a simple cloak.

These are more or less the correct proportions that I have intended for these two characters as Drakus is eight feet tall with Calina being six feet.


They are both wearing capes, but I have messed up slightly on Drakus' cape's folds.

Other than that, I think this may be my finest work yet~ :3


Drakus/Dorkus (c) Nickelodeon

Calina (c) Me
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So...I've managed to come up with approximately 20+ fanfics based on Planet Sheen alone...I suppose it's because I have a lot of things to go by with headcanons that I've made for particular characters.

The other fandoms will have at least 4 stories connected with them.

By next week, I will upload a fanfic index so that you all can see the amount of stuff I have planned out so far~

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Planet Sheen Facts - Dorkus the Sorua
A slight Biography about the Soruas and how Dorkus differs from the rest of his kind.

I know I had probably missed a few key things in my headcanon, but this is only the important facts.


Dorkus (c) Nickelodeon/Nicktoons
Sorua (c) Me
Hello peeps~

Back in the last few weeks of February I had to have some cooldown time because of some random crap that occurred with another deviant.  It got way out of hand and it frustrated me to the point where I told myself that I needed to calm myself down lest I accidentally attack someone else out of sheer frustration, which is something I didn't want to do.

I have returned back in March, but I had only announced my return in my status activity; I was planning on making a full-length journal talking about what I've been doing during that time, but I never got around to it.  I figured today, which is April Fool's Day would be as good a day as any~ :P

What I've been doing so far:

= Cleaned out my favorites and re-faved everything starting with the people I watch deviations
= Cleaned out the people I watch due to inactivity, and for the fact that I no longer watch people that'd complain about petty things
= Left inactive groups
= Started watching the Dragonball Series (ilikepiccolodon'tjudgeme)
= Attempted freestyle art, where I start off by drawings lines and going on from there
= Drafting my Planet Sheen fanfiction (determining how many stories I'll do for the fandom)

Things I still need to do:

+ Review fanfiction
+ Revamp my own fanfiction
+ Upload more art from all fandoms that I'm largely part of

Things I've stopped doing:

- Commissions (for the moment; don't know if I'll ever reopen them though)
- Feature Journals (Especially the Llama Giver Features; sorry guys, but it has gotten too much for me to do and time has seemed to pass me by too much to play catch up; doesn't necessarily mean I'll no longer feature people for whatever ever again, but for the time being it's at a pause)

Other than these, I'm doing better than I was before my cooldown; it's good to be back~
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