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I had wayyy too many folders... :stare:
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New Features: the Pumpkin Queen is going to start featuring those who have graciously given her llamas over the years.

I shall feature 10 deviants and display 5 of their most popular deviations.

I will also give a llama back to the ones that I have featured for their generosity, unless, of course, I have already given them one~

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New Features: the Pumpkin Queen is going to start featuring those who have graciously given her llamas over the years.

I shall feature 10 deviants and display 5 of their most popular deviations.

I will also give a llama back to the ones that I have featured for their generosity, unless, of course, I have already given them one~

Note:  The deviations that I feature are those that are made purely by the artists themselves; if you have nothing or have nothing but copyrighted images in your gallery, I will only give you a llama back.

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First off, guys, let me say, Happy belated New Year~ Let's attempt to make 2016 worthwhile for all of us, possibly better than last year's.

All right, let me explain first what had transpired in the past couple of days since the new year began.  I'm doing my usual things on YouTube, enjoying my Christmas vacation from work by watching Markiplier vids (love that guy to pieces~).  After watching his current vids, I went down to the comment section where it mentions something about Yamimash, who is a friend of his. 

I'll stop here with that nonsense until the end since I want to get to the actual reason of leaving the cesspool that is Tumblr.


About a year ago, I had went under a different username on Tumblr, QueenOfNightmares13.  I had followed a few friends on here that I knew had a Tumblr so that I can stalk follow them for their art and what's happening with their lives.

I had forgotten exactly which month that this particular event occurred, so I'm just going to say about January/February...




Can I ask you all to please look in the dictionary or a simple search engine search for the terms "racism" and "racial prejudice"?  No?  All right, I guess I'll have to do it myself since I'm dealing with shit for brains...

Racism - Racial Prejudice

the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior

Okay, folks, do you see why I bolded the very specific parts of the definitions?  Okay.  Now, do you see any words that mention "white people discriminating against minorities"?

I'm going to give you the answer "no" since your brains can't function right.

Yes, white people/Caucasians/however you identify this race as has done a shit ton of dumbfuckery in the past, most of this including discrimination and genocide against minorities, this I will agree with like I have always in the past.  However, under NO circumstance are whites excluded from this.  There's a reason for the definition mentioned above for the word "racism" to say "all members of each race", I don't understand why you people don't understand this simple concept of looking up a single fucking word. 

Instead you guys go and attack a white person and their friend for defending them simply because the white person is white...what are you guys doing a sort of payback to what had happened or is still happening to you?  I can guarantee you that if a white person were to attack a black person or someone of spanish descent the same way you had, shit will get real and you'll protest against it.

I don't tolerate nor will I ever tolerate double standards. If a man can't/shouldn't abuse a woman, neither can/should a woman abuse a man.  If a white person can't/shouldn't be racist against a minority, a minority can't/shouldn't be racist against a white person.

The white person that I had mentioned before is a friend of mine, and I am that defending friend that was bashed for defending them because they were white.

The words that were used on them were calling their skin "mayonnaise" and referred to their face as "potato face" because they're white with freckles.

If a white person referred to your face as "shit face" or "dirt face", you'd be yelling and screaming "RACIST!", but apparently it's fine and dandy to do that to a white person who did absolutely nothing but post a fucking selfie.

This is only what my memory serves for now, I don't have the link to where it all occurred, so either take my word for it or not, it's up to you.

Guys, the person was an animation student who has recently graduated with their bachelor's (?) degree, not a serial killer wanting to wipe out an entire race.  You cannot be blaming innocent white people (or anyone for that matter) for something that their possible predecessors have done, it doesn't make you look good, nor does it make your cause worth fighting for if you continuously do this dumbfuckery against a race that has more or less learned their lesson, and I use the term "more or less" because I know that there are still some that still discriminate minorities.  But come on, slanderizing an entire race for what they did in the past is similar to slanderizing an entire religion because religious extremists decided to do some terrible shit too (9/11, Paris Attacks, San Bernardino Massacre, "God Hates Fags" protests by the Westboro Baptist Church). 

And let's face it, no race is innocent, I'm pretty sure that if I were to do some extensive research regarding a race that isn't white, I'd find something. 

I'm half-Peruvian.  Know where we descended from?  The Incans.  Know what they did?  Human sacrifices.  For what cause?  So that the sun will rise the next day. 

Since I'm Peruvian, and could possibly have Incan heritage if I were to look back far enough, am I going to be doing crazy and stupid shit such as human sacrifices so that the sun will rise.  Hell.  Fucking.  No.

I'm half-white. 

Since I'm also white, and could possibly have the blood of those that have done despicable acts against minorities, am I going to be doing crazy and stupid shit such as calling minorities degrading and racist names, killing them simply because they're a minority.  Absolutely.  Fucking.  Not.

Racism on either side pisses me off to no end.  Want to know why?  Because my mother is one of the kindest white women on the face of the planet, has never done anything racist in her life.  Same with my grandmother, because for one, I live with the woman, and for another, if the white side of my family hated me because I'm hispanic, I wouldn't be living with them.

I've had to cut ties from the entirety of my father's side of the family (With the exception of my aunt, my father's older sister) because of their constant detestment towards my mother and the reason for that is because she was a "messed up white girl" and they wanted my father to marry a successful hispanic woman.  Yeahhhh, totally not racist at all, can all rot in the depths of Hell.

But apparently, it's only white people who are racist, the minorities are all FUCKING PERFECT ANGELS WHO'D NEVER HARM A FLY EVEN THOUGH YOUR PROTESTS ARE ANYTHING BUT PEACEFUL~~~~~!

This was when I first removed myself from Tumblr...


About a month after that fiasco I decided to try it again and see what happens this time around, even though it'll more or less be the same experience for a toxic site despite slight freshness to it. 

So new year, new everything~!  Until this happens...

The incident with Yamimash...I swear guys, this'll be calmer than my previous issue...

The only thing I know about this guy is that he's a Let's Player YouTuber like Markiplier and Pewdiepie, only not really up there in subs...

A lot or maybe some of you have heard about his current predicament that involved sending nudes to a 14 year old girl. 

The reason I had left this time for good was because I knew where it was going to go.  Someone famous on the Internet has a scandal against them gets to be slanderized and defamed for years to come even if said incident has already passed.  A similar scandal involved Markiplier himself, but it turned out to be false and turned out that the woman wanted attention from the incident.

And if a scandal comes out somewhere or anywhere, it's bound to get into Tumblr somehow all know where this'll explosion of Tumblrites with both defenders and offenders on both sides of the board not taking anything into account like having both stories instead of a one-sided story.  They're not even SJWs anymore, now they're just being senseless morons...

I truthfully cannot take a side because it's a lose-lose situation.  If I were to take his side, I'd be a pedophile sympathizer; if I didn't take his side, I'd be taking the side of the girl who "wanted attention".

I know this happened before and it turned out to be false, but this is a child and do not pull the "but she looks so mature for her age" crap.  There are people who are 30 and still look like 12 years old, vice versa shouldn't be of any exception as this is once again a double standard.  Hell, I'm 23 almost 24 and still look like a 14 year old girl, but that's beside the point since this isn't about me.

I don't care if Yamimash didn't know that she was 14 because of the way she looked, the point is that he had possibly made a terrible mistake.

I also won't take any sides of this battle because Yamimash himself has yet to make an official statement.  An official statement, might I add, that doesn't include Tumblr IM's because anyone can claim to be anyone.  It's the Internet, so everything must be true~

If I hear both sides of the story, I might be able to judge better.  Claiming that Yamimash had admitted to it via Tumblr IM's is not valid proof, Yamimash literally has to film himself and admit on his YouTube, or Facebook, that he had indeed did it, otherwise it's not legit proof; and yes, I'm referring to you DramaAlert since your legitimacy is very questionable.

And guys, seriously...going onto Yamimash's Facebook page and spouting things like "PEDO" and "disgusting pedo" on his current and past vids via facebook is not going to get anything done except cause more grief for a person that might be innocent after all.


Remember way back when I had mentioned that I had been looking through some of Markiplier's video's comments hence my finding of what Yamimash had supposedly done? 

This is what royally pissed me off.  This is the icing on the cake.

You guys cannot be going on someone else's current vids, be they friends or not, and say things like "Oh hey, Mark, did you hear about what happened with Yamimash?" or "Did you know that Yamimash is a pedophile?"

Guys, I don't care if they're long lost relatives, you cannot be getting other people involved especially when you put someone's high rep at stake.  I know where this will all go down to; if Mark defends Yamimash, he'll forever be branded as a pedophile sympathizer if it turns out to be true.  From my understanding, Mark and Yamimash haven't really been communicating with each other recently, I've only seen them both play with Wade, Bob, or Jacksepticeye in Mark's earlier collab Let's Plays.

Judging by how so many people have commented on Mark's vids with what happened with Yamimash, I'm sure that Mark knows about what's currently going on, but he hasn't nor will he address it (at least that's what I'm hoping) because let's face it guys, this is a very heavy subject to be getting involved with don't ya think?  Just please leave Mark out of this; he has nothing to do with this.

=== RANT OVER ===


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